Sunday, November 14, 2010

Home Halloween 2010

Happy Halloween 2010!
On PlayStation Home, we had a pumpkin-themed Central Plaza. Even though it wasn't night time and everyone really hoped it would be, it was still a very nice event. 

Users could play the "Lord Pumpkinhead" mini-game that took place in the Plaza's pond. The game was fairly easy, just toss coins into Lord Pumpkinhead's mouth and watch him became happy - Also unlocking a full punpkin outfit at the same time!

Happy Halloween!


PlayStation Move Event space

The PlayStation Move event space, very unique and very fun. Users had to work together as teams to search for the Emote pop-ups. Each team member had to do the same Emote inorder to continue on in this event. The prizes, full PlayStation Move costumes!

If you looked closely, you could see there were PlayStation Eye toys all around the space..

PlayStation Eye toy that provided some light..


The AlphabeTees stand that was in the Central Plaza. On the Jumbotron behind this stand was random Questions, that users had to spell out the answers for using only the t-shirts provided from them. Each user could snap a picture of them revealing the answer then click on this stand to submit the images directly to them. The winner(s) would get their pictures on the screen above!

E3 2010 on Home

Here is an overhead view of the E3 space that hit PlayStation Home on June 15th. This was space was very unique as it was created after the Real E3 expo!

The freebie E3 body suit. Most users might not know this but, the Home Community Specialist, GlassWalls helped design the E3 suit we all had a chance to unlock! 

As you went upstairs, you could see thie giant PS3 controller off to the side.

Upstairs view of E3 2010 in PlayStation Home.

Downstairs we had all kinds of video game trailers to watch..

Forum party that was held in the 2010 E3 expo on PlayStation Home..

The Midway Tele-Porta-Potty

The Midway's Tele-Porta-Potty! Around Canada-Day and the 4th of july, users could see this Tele-porta-potty for users to sit in, and teleport right to the Midway carnival space!

Playground Subway 6/18/10

I took this picture of the Playground Underground tunnel on 6.18.10 in the Central Plaza. This tunnel directed users right to the Playground location on PlayStation Home.

Tester Winner on Home! 6/7/10

Many of you who watched the first season of the PlayStation Network show "The Tester" should know is in this image below. The winner of the Tester season one was UNCyrus, he also got a very exclusive PlayStation Home item so others can easily identify him around Home. Here is a picture of the newest PlayStation game tester, UNCyrus on Home: